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The Why 

Time to Change the Thinking.


It’s not about my years of experience.

It’s about my experiences over
the years.

Friends and colleagues have often asked me, why don’t you start your own thing? Well, after racking up a pretty long resume of creating events for corporations, couples and nonprofits, I had collected the knowledge and skills necessary to turn imagination into reality.

But something was missing...

As a creative being, there are certain boundaries you encounter when the person signing your paycheck is different from the one who endorses it.


I guess I just got tired of asking why. When the real question should’ve been why not?


So here we are. Coffman Creative Events.


This feels incredibly natural. I feel strong, excited and blessed by those who jumped in
to help me. I feel spoiled and humbled by the relationships I have gathered over the years. It was those relationships that give me the backbone to go for it. Now my wings are truly open. Enabling me to utilize all my skill sets. All those skills I have acquired
over the decades.

If you are looking to "Change the Thinking" for your event, reach out!

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